Whole30 Chicken Salad

Firstly, add shredded or diced chicken to a mixing bowl followed by any colour of grapes. I added red and green grapes.

Next add in some spring onions. I opted for these instead of red onion as raw red onion can be a little overpowering. 

Garlic Powder, oregano, black pepper and salt as added to amplify the flavour, and I also added smoked paprika little smoky taste. It's delicious!

Mayonnaise is next! If you're doing Whole30, add a whole30 compliant mayo (see post for options) or follow my mayonnaise recipe to make your own. It's easy and much better than store-bought!

Mix everything together really well. Feel free to add in more mayonnaise to reach your preferred consistency.

Finally, while you're mixing, add in some lemon juice for a little tart kick. Adjust the salt and pepper as necessary.

Serve this whole 30 chicken salad recipe as a side dish at potlucks or BBQs, or as a main dish on top of a sweet potato or a bed or salad greens. It's perfect for meal prep!

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