How to make a Traditional Scottish Burns Night Supper

Firstly, cook the haggis.  Haggis (other than being a 3 legged creature that runs on the hills) is made from lamb or beef offal and oatmeal. It tastes like sausage.

Remove any plastic casing if there is any. Natural casing or stomach lining is fine to leave on. Wrap it in aluminium foil and bake in a shallow dish of water. Haggis can also be boiled.

Next we'll make the "neeps". Although it sounds like it would be turnip, neeps are made from Swede or Rutabaga. Mash them with salt, pepper and butter.

Our third component to this traditional Scottish dinner is Mashed Potato or "tatties". You can make them however you like. I tend to add some roasted garlic and rosemary to mine.

Finally, make some creamy whisky sauce. Although this is optional and not always served with the Burn's Supper, I highly recommend it. It's delicious and brings everything together.

To assemble, begin by slicing the haggis. It should cut fairly easily with a sharp knife. If it's in natural casing you'll want to remove that.

Using a cooking ring or small springform cake tin without the base, press the tatties in, then the neeps, followed by the haggis if it's falling apart.  You can also place a slice of haggis instead.

Finally, pour the whisky cream sauce over everything like you would gravy. It's so delicious - it's definitely worth being generous with this sauce!

Traditionally, we Scots serve our Burns Night supper with a dram of whisky, and we also address the haggis and recite other Burns poetry. "Address to a Haggis" is poem by Robert Burns. 

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