(perfect for picky eaters!)

60+ Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Sweet Potatoes.


A classic that every kid loves, this sweet potato casserole from Dinner At The Zoo is perfect for little fingers to pick up as the potatoes are in bite-sized pieces.

Mashed Potatoes.


Creamy, seasoned perfectly, but with all the extras, these Garlic Mashed Potatoes are a healthier version the both you and the kids will love digging into.

Green Bean Casserole.


There's no need for mushrooms or mushroom soup, but replace it with cheese and you have the perfect kid-friendly green veggie option for Thanksgiving! What kid doesn't love cheese?!

Cranberry Sauce.


Skip the store-bought and make your own at home! I also avoided adding sugar by using a little erythritol instead so my kid wasn't getting a sugar rush from dinner!



Baked in a casserole dish or stuffed into your turkey, this cozy herb stuffing is gluten-free and easily dairy-free for all to enjoy.



Guaranteed to be a hit with your kids, why not try making cinnamon apples on the stove for a healthy sweet side dish this year?

Deviled Eggs.


These Thanksgiving deviled eggs are little turkeys that everyone will love! Perfect for kids and adults alike, this is sure to be a holiday favorite!

Turkey for little kids.


Make these mini turkey burger patties without egg and breadcrumbs but still with a soft texture. They are great served with any mashed veggie or salad.

Vegetarian option.


These chickpea patties have a crispy exterior and are moist and delicious on the insides. They are healthy and naturally gluten-free and vegan.

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