Is Ginger


Ginger is a superfood that is bursting at the seams with antioxidants and has a significant anti-inflammatory effect.

Is Ginger Keto Friendly, though? Join me as we explore the world of ginger and find out!

What are common sources of ginger?

-  Fresh Ginger Root -  Powdered Ginger -  Dried Ginger -  Pickled Ginger -  Ginger Juice -  Ginger Oil -  Tea, Beer, & Ale

Generally speaking, the answer is a resounding "YES!", but there are some types of ginger with a higher carb content which should only be had occasionally on a Keto diet - and you'll want to watch out for any sneaky sugars in ginger soft drinks!

So... Is Ginger Keto Friendly?

Here are a few healthy recipes to help you add in some ginger to your keto kitchen...

Keto Ginger Recipes!

This 30-minute recipe is easy and addictive! It comes from the wonderful Twosleevers! Ginger snap cookies without the carbs!

Keto Ginger Cookies

An easy recipe from Healthy Recipes Blog - moist, fluffy, and flavorful keto gingerbread! Ready in under an hour!

Keto Gingerbread

This Keto Moscow Mules recipe comes from I Breathe I'm Hungry, and it is so delicious - made all the better by being completely sugar free!

Keto Moscow Mules

I really love to pair the spicy zing of ginger with the smoothness of peanuts, and the cooling freshness of mint - super combos! Happy cooking!