Gluten-Free Stuffing

First of all melt the butter and sauté the onion and apple. I use 1/2 an apple in this whole recipe to add flavor but keep the carb count keto friendly.

Next we'll add celery, garlic and a little poultry seasoning and continue cooking for 2 more minutes.

While the ingredients in the pan are cooking, mix up your homemade sausage. You can also use store-bought sausage but I like to make my own to avoid carbs. It's really easy!

Form the sausage into 1-inch meatballs and add them to the pan. It's okay if they don't cook through – just enough to hold their shape before baking.

Next, mix in fresh parsley, sage and kale. Some of the kale will become crispy when it's baking in the oven - so good!

While the ingredients in the pan are finishing off, mix together almond flour, eggs and poultry seasoning to form the "bread". This binds everything together.

Add the hot ingredients to the almond flour mixture, and combine them but don't over mix. The almond flour should form into clumps.

Pour and spread the keto stuffing evenly in a baking or casserole dish and bake it until it turns golden.

This Keto Sausage Stuffing recipe is perfect for holiday dinner like Thanksgiving or Christmas, and also for Sunday lunch anytime!