Christmas Mulled Wine

Add a sliced orange to your slow cooker along with whole cloves. You can press the cloves into the orange if you like. It looks pretty but doesn't change the flavor.

Let's add some more spices now: cinnamon sticks, star anise, and whole allspice. These spices are so warm together!

I like to add ginger (especially if using non-alcoholic wine) to give that spicy, burning feeling in the throat. Also add apple juice (or pineapple) and vanilla essence.

It's wine time! You can use non-alcoholic wine (perfect for kids or pregnant people) or a full-bodied red wine like merlot. It can be cheap too! Save the good stuff for later ;)

Pop the lid on and set the crockpot on high. You'll want to check it in about an hour to see how warm it is. Don't let it boil if using alcohol!

When the mulled wine is ready, serve it with sliced orange to garnish. If you're serving it to kids (non alcoholic that is!) strain it to remove the spices.