How to make Carrots in  Air Fryer

Begin by washing and then slicing the carrots. You can slice them into sticks or circles - both work well!

In a bowl large enough to mix the carrots in later, add honey, butter, salt and pepper, and mix them all together well.

Add the carrots to the bowl with the honey butter mixture, and mix everything together until all of the carrots are evenly coated. 

Add the honey butter raw carrots into the air fryer and cook them, shaking the air fryer basket half-way through.

The Air Fryer Carrots are ready! Take care when emptying them from the basket as they will be quite hot!

Garnish the honey butter carrots with parsley if desired, and serve! Making carrots in the air fryer is perfect for the holidays as it takes up no room in the oven or on the stove!