Air Fryer Rice Paper Dumplings

First, we'll make the filling. Sauté garlic and onion in a large wok or frying pan, and add spices: Chinese 5 Spice and Chili powder.

Next, toss in some thinly sliced veggies. I added carrot zucchini and red pepper, but other vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms and snap peas would work too!

Add in coconut aminos or soy sauce and either honey or maple syrup, and continue to stir fry the vegetables.

Next I like to add in some finely sliced cabbage, just to add some extra bulk and crunch to the dumpling stuffing.

To wrap, soak rice paper completely in water until soft, and lay it flat on a plate. A pasta bowl is the perfect size for soaking. As you remove a wrapper from the water, add in a new rice wrapper.

Add the stir fry stuffing to the middle of the soft rice paper and then wrap the bottom up first, then the sides and lastly the top.

Brush the air fryer with sesame oil, then add the rice paper dumplings, brush them with a little oil, and air fry!

Halfway through cooking, flip the rice paper dumplings with a pair of tongs, and then continue cooking.

When the rice paper dumplings have finished air frying, place them on a plate to cool a little before serving with some peanut sauce.

These air fryer rice paper dumplings are crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. Perfect as an appetizer, or for parties, or even a light dinner or lunch!

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